Round Yakiniku

  • Serves 2-6 people
  • Diameter 34.5 cm
  • Height 17 cm
  • Weight 10.6 kg

Traditional Japanese table grill

  • FuelOthers
  • ManufacturerYakiniku
This shichirin is sure to impress your guests! Refined, elegant, small and friendly, place it in the middle of a table and cook delicious dishes together.

Yakiniku shichirin is a small, round table barbecue with a 31 cm grilling surface. It's ideal for cooking small pieces of meat, fish and vegetables, or a large piece to enjoy together.

The shichirin is used with charcoal, and has ventilation sliders to ensure perfect air circulation, the aim being to be able to play with the temperature and easily reach high levels. You'll be able to cook your dishes with greater precision!

It's made from ceramic with quartz and cordierite, fired at high temperatures.

Perfectly finished stainless steel grill with bamboo details.

For use by two people, it is possible to fill half with charcoal.

If you'd like to get together with friends and family and enjoy a delicious meal, Yakiniku will take care of it for you!