Ofyr - Kit Pizza 85 & 100

Ofyr - Kit Pizza 85 & 100 - Accessories

Pizza peel included

Today, the most popular tool is without doubt the pizza oven. With its natural wood fire, the OFYR cooking unit lends itself like no other to the preparation of delicious pizzas. The OFYR pizza oven consists of a double-sided cast-iron plate, a pizza stone that is placed on the cast-iron plate and a double steel bell, the outside of which can be rotated on the inside, as well as a pizza peel. There are openings in the cast iron plate through which the heat from the OFYR oven can circulate in the bell, allowing the pizza to cook quickly.

By turning the handle on the baking tray, you can choose the size of the opening you want between the inner and outer tray. The larger the opening, the greater the air circulation and the more heat is generated. When turning the handle, use heat-resistant gloves, such as OFYR gloves, as the handle is very hot.

Of course, the pizza oven can also be used as an ordinary oven. When creating pizzas, the pizza stone is placed on the smooth side of the cast iron plate.

The other side of the plate is ribbed and can be used as a grill plate.

The OFYR pizza oven is available for models 85 and 100, only the tripod is different:

  • The pizza peel is included;
  • This set allows you to enjoy a good pizza on a wood fire, just like in a restaurant. The pizza cooking can vary according to your preferences, the outdoor environment and your gestures of use;
  • The pizza oven is easy to use and allows you to cook other dishes than pizza such as sweet or savoury pies.