Chimney sweeping, tubing and lining

Are you looking for a chimney sweep to clean your chimney or heating system? We have been providing our chimney sweeping, lining and tubing services for almost 100 years. We are also very proud to bear the title of "Chimney sweep to the Court" in Luxembourg.


Maintenance and chimney sweeping

Four teams of two chimney sweeps are on hand on a daily basis to sweep your chimney.

Maintenance and chimney sweeping

We perform your chimney sweeping from below and from above provided the roof safety conditions are met. This allows us to detect any faults in the flue connection to the boiler and in the roof outlet, where we check the condition of the chimney. After completing this visual inspection, our chimney sweep will alert you immediately by e-mail in the event of any problem.

Our service also includes soot extraction and waste disposal.


  • Chimney sweeping can be performed as part of the maintenance of your system.
  • We clean chimneys as well as other wood- and pellet-burning stove
  • Unlike France, where chimney sweeping is compulsory, any obligation in Luxembourg depends on the regulations of each local municipality.

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Chimney casing

Installing a new flue to discharge smoke from your heating system. Installing an outlet for an external flue is the only solution if you do not have a chimney.

Chimney casing - Services

Cottyn-Kieffer can install chimney flues made from single- or double-wall stainless steel tubes and PPS for condensing boilers. We can also install chimney flues made from prefabricated aerated concrete elements that are guaranteed to the F90 standard in accordance with fire regulations..

Why choose us to build your fireplace?

We are approved by the Chamber of Trades and our four teams of chimney sweeps, supervised daily by two technicians, provide a high-quality chimney casing service. Our teams undergo continuous professional training to ensure compliance with applicable safety standards and laws and pay particular attention to ensuring that the installation cannot leak.

Our expertise combined with a close partnership with a leading manufacturer means that we can also produce large industrial chimneys.


Lining, often used as a synonym for flue tubing, aims to protect and improve the performance of the flue by placing a metal tube inside the chimney to connect it to the fireplace.

Lining - Services

This casing operation consists of sliding a liner, i.e. a flexible or rigid tube often made from stainless steel, along the entire length of the existing pipe. Connected to the fireplace on one side, the liner exits outside the chimney in the roof and can be fitted with a protective cap. Flue lining is a frequent operation to improve the draught of a chimney or to secure an old flue that no longer meets safety standards.

Our workshop will produce all your lining parts using galvanised, stainless, zinc or copper sheet metal in accordance with your requirements. We will be happy to send you documentation with detailed information on all our lining systems on request.