Kamado Table de stockage

  • Dimensions of base 135x65x68 cm
  • Dimensions 165x65x90 cm
  • Dimensions of work surface 65x135x10 cm
  • Storage capacity 0.25m³

a spacious Kamado cart

  • Fuel
  • ManufacturerOfyr
For more space for you and your barbecue.

Expand your OFYR outdoor kitchen with an OFYR Kamado Table Black 135 PRO KJ: a table suitable for your Kamado cooking appliance. The table provides a solid base for your appliance, is easy to move and offers space for setting up dishes. The additional storage space is convenient for storing accessories. The Kamado is ideal for slow cooking meat. Kamado's cooking units keep the heat and smoke in, and this has an incredible impact on the flavor of the food. When the meat is well done, you can finish your dish and grill it on the OFYR - you then go from slow cooking to a cooking demonstration. Teak is a natural and durable product that should be stored indoors when not in use for a long time. The OFYR Kamado Table PRO fits the Kamado Joe Classic II.