Ofyr - Buffadoo Set

Ofyr - Buffadoo Set - Accessories

The OFYR Buffadoo Set is a very stylish set that includes a mouth bellows, a metal log clamp and a holder.

The Buffadoo OFYR set is a design set that includes a mouthpiece bellows, a metal log clamp and a holder. The bellows allow you to blow air and stimulate the flames from the moment of lighting and during the use of the OFYR, reducing the smoke. It consists of a leather handle that makes it easy to hold and a silicone mouthpiece with an anti-smoke system. The clamp allows you to add logs and to facilitate the gripping of them during combustion.

How to choose?

  • With the help of the Buffadoo Set, the development of smoke can be considerably reduced;
  • Thanks to the patented technology, no smoke can be inhaled through the Buffadoo. The air circulation is only in one direction;
  • The log clamp allows you to manage your fire perfectly;
  • The set includes a holder to store the Buffadoo and the clamp in a safe and elegant way.