Ofyr - Grill Accessory Set 85 & 100

Ofyr - Grill Accessory Set 85 & 100

For even more flexibility, we suggest you the Ofyr Grill Accessory Set 85 & 100.

This accessory grill set fits on your Ofyr for more versatility and for cool cooking modes totally adapted to your Ofyr brazier grill.

It includes:

  • A round grill that will allow you to use your brazier as a barbecue. You can grill all kinds of food on this grill and thus vary the pleasures;
  • A skewer ring with which you can arrange your skewers horizontally so that they cook evenly. This is a must for great skewers!
  • A grill tripod to hold the cooking grill or the skewer ring. The purpose of the tripod is to keep them at a minimum height above the fire so as not to burn your food;
  • A set of 3 skewers: Thread meats, vegetables, fish and any suitable food to make great skewers.

The Ofyr Grill Set Accessories: to be bought urgently to use all the convivial and gastronomic potential of your Ofyr griddle!