Big Green egg Small

  • Height 61cm
  • Weight 36kg
  • Size & Compatibility S
  • Solo pack
  • Diameter 33 cm

Your compact barbecue, ideal for use on a balcony or terrace

  • FuelOthers
  • ManufacturerBig Green Egg
This Big Green Egg comes with a stainless steel grill and can therefore prepare all kinds of grilled food. You can invent and compose a whole meal, from the aperitif to the dessert, with quite consequent quantities.

All over the world, people who taste food prepared on a Big Green Egg are won over by its unparalleled flavor. So what is the secret behind the EGG?

In fact, it is the combination of several factors:

  • The ceramic heat, creating an air flow that makes ingredients and dishes even more tender,
  • The perfect air circulation ensures even cooking at the desired temperature,
  • The precise and optimal temperature control, which can be set to the exact degree.

Thanks to the superior insulating properties of the ceramic, the temperature inside the EGG is not affected by external temperatures.