Chauffe Terrasse Cottyn Kieffer XXL

  • Maximum power 7 kW
  • Fuel Pellets
  • Tank capacity 7 kg
  • Maximum autonomy 6 hours
  • Power supply battery

Sleek, very efficient and ultra chic, this fire column has all the assets to seduce the most chilly.

  • FuelPellets
  • ManufacturerOutdoor Heating Cottyn Kieffer
From the top of its 2M20, our XXL pellet patio heater will allow you to enjoy the beauty of its sluggishness.
In a simple light version or decorated with its XXL hat and its optional bar tray, transform your patio heater into a stand-up meal according to your desires.

Without a fan, this model is diffused exclusively by convection and radiation. The warm air is distributed by the natural circulation of the air.

Thanks to its XL dome and its optional bar tray, your guests will enjoy gathering around this intimate warmth point at the end of a summer evening, or even in between seasons.