Big Green egg Mini

  • Height 43 cm
  • Weight 17 kg
  • Size and Compatibility Mn
  • Solo pack
  • Diameter 25 cm

Your mini barbecue, ideal for a family camping

  • FuelOthers
  • ManufacturerBig Green Egg
Because of its size and weight, it is ideal for camping, on the boat or for a picnic. The grill has enough space to cook for two to four people.

The Mini is not only a popular model with consumers, it is also used by many professional kitchens to prepare small dishes on demand.

This Big Green Egg comes with a stainless steel grill, so you can prepare all kinds of grilled dishes.

For over 25 years, Big Green Egg has had an exclusive contract with a specialized factory in Mexico that does not produce kamados for any other brand. This ISO 9001 UL certified producer of exceptional ceramics meets the highest quality standards. Before leaving the factory, each Big Green Egg undergoes a thorough final inspection.

This inspection ensures 100% quality for each Big Green Egg and provides a limited lifetime warranty on the materials and workmanship of all EGG ceramic components.