Big Green egg XLarge

  • Diameter of the grid 61 cm
  • Surface area 2919 cm²
  • Weight 99kg
  • Height 78 cm

With its 61 cm diameter cooking grid, your wildest dreams of hearty pieces of meat or fish and all-you-can-eat pizzas will become reality.

This multi-functional cooking appliance with a grill one-third larger than the Large allows you to prepare tasty dishes and ingredients for a variety of guests.

The 2-level grill available for the Large allows you to increase the cooking surface in height! And if you equip your XLarge with side shelves (Egg Mates), you will have even more space to put your ingredients or utensils, for example. Of course, you can also build your Big Green Egg XLarge into a table (made of acacia wood) or into an outdoor kitchen!