Rika Corso

  • Height 1196 mm
  • Depth 520mm
  • Width 520mm
  • Weight 145kg
  • Nominal heat capacity 8 kW
  • Pellet tank capacity 46L / 30kg

The round, sleek pellet stove

  • FuelPellets
  • ManufacturerRika
Its uninterrupted panoramic glass integrated into its uncompromising cylindrical shape make it one of the most aesthetically pleasing cylindrical pellet stoves.

The CORSO pellet stove is a real eye-catcher. Its cylindrical body and its simple design have an elegant and dynamic effect. The interrupted glass of the firebox makes the flames of the fire ideally visible. The CORSO not only shines in its exterior, but also offers a large number of options such as a touch screen, a wireless room thermostat and a Wifi module for remote control of the stove. Despite its slim shape, this stove has an exceptionally large pellet tank.