Harrie Leenders Dayna

  • Width 483 mm
  • Height 1353 mm
  • Depth 480 mm
  • Weight 125kg
  • Power consumption 3/12 kW
  • Efficiency >79%

An elegant and complete swivel stove

  • FuelWood
  • ManufacturerHarrie Leenders
The lines on the top and sides blend into the cutout of the back mantle and door. The shape of the stove is thus determined by a limited number of lines. An obvious statement, you might say, but one that should not obscure the fact that the v
A lady who, being able to turn around, is aware of the pleasure of her finery.

The Dayna stove is also available with a rear smoke outlet, without losing any of its ability to turn on itself

The thick mantle that protects the fire is made of thick steel plates. 5 mm thick, with 8 mm horizontal grooves. Strong enough, we think.

The combustion chamber is a monocoque construction. This means that the outer steel casing of the chamber is formed from a single block to which additional reinforcements give greater strength. In addition, the combustion chamber is lined with refractory concrete that can easily withstand a thermal load of 1000°C.

Virtually insensitive to wear.