Max Blank Munchen

  • Height 180.5 cm
  • Width 47 cm
  • Depth 47 cm
  • Weight 292 kg
  • Wood power 10 kW
  • Pellet power 6.4kW
  • Wood efficiency 78%
  • Pellets efficiency 84%

The strongest of the steel stoves

  • FuelWood
  • ManufacturerMAX BLANK
A pure design, a combustion according to your desires.

The advantages of the Max Blank Munchen:

  • 49Kg of storage for extended heat distribution
  • The 2-piece firebox glass allows a wide view of the fire
  • Seen from the side, the Munchen offers a narrow and interesting view of the fire
  • The pellet fire can be as romantic and interesting as the wood fire
  • Munchen requires little space and has a great power
  • Radiant heat release for up to 2 hours after the last fire thanks to the accumulation stones
  • Pellet cassette is available on request