Max Blank Erfurt SP

  • Width 300 mm
  • Height 1660 mm
  • Depth 300 mm
  • Weight 169 kg
  • Power of use with wood 5.9/7.2 kW
  • Pellet power output 7.2 kW
  • Wood efficiency >80%
  • Pellet efficiency >91%

The vision of fire, the accumulation in more

  • FuelWood
  • ManufacturerMAX BLANK
As a further development of the Erfurt model, the Erfurt SP offers a 39 kg storage block in the upper part

The pluses of the Max Blank Erfurt SP:

  • 39Kg of storage for extended heat distribution.
  • The 2-piece firebox glass allows a wide view of the fire
  • Seen from the side, the Erfurt SP offers a narrow and interesting view of the fire
  • The pellet fire can be just as romantic and interesting as a wood fire
  • Erfurt SP is space-saving and powerful
  • Suitable for every living room thanks to its slim design
  • Pellet cassette available on request