Hase Patna IQ

  • Power rating 7.5 kW
  • Efficiency 83%.
  • CO 750 mg/Nm³ Dust
  • Dust 15 mg/Nm³
  • RT2012 compatible
  • Height 166 cm
  • Width 61 cm
  • Depth 41 cm

Panoramic vision wood stove

  • FuelWood
  • ManufacturerHase
Patna IQ is a wood stove that offers a beautiful view of the flame with its 3 glass sides

Patna is a model that offers a magnificent panoramic view. The show is guaranteed thanks to its beautiful and spacious combustion chamber which will accommodate logs of a length ranging from 20 to 33 cm. The 3 glass sides of the fireplace will offer you a 270° view in the living room of your choice.

Halfway between a traditional stove and a fireplace, Patna will fit perfectly into your interior. Its smooth, structured ceramic or soapstone cladding is available in the colour of your choice via our partner's configurator.Look forward to long hours of comfort in front of your stove!

The iQ technology automatically controls the air your stove needs to optimise the combustion process. You no longer need to manage the air flow manually, the IQ mode does it for you! The aim is to achieve the best possible combustion, while keeping the glass surfaces clean and transparent.