M Design Luna Diamond 900 CL/CR

  • Power 9-15 kw
  • Efficiency 79 %
  • Weight 300 kg
  • Visible dimensions W8000 x H450 x D300 mm
  • Duct Ø 250 mm
  • Bushel 200/200

Corner fireplace to warm up the corners of your rooms.

  • FuelWood
  • ManufacturerM DESIGN
Luna Diamond 900 CL (left angle) or CR (right angle) 2-sided wood burning fireplace from M-Design. This fireplace is equipped with a glass window with an angle vision. Fireplace bottom in steel or cast iron

To ensure the longevity of your M-design fireplace, Best Fires recommends these appliances with either a steel or cast iron interior. This bottom can easily be changed according to your desires.

  • STEEL INTERIOR: Large metal plates designed in matte black steel.
  • CAST IRON interior: Reversible cast iron plates with thick or thin grooves

Retractable firewall, easy to raise manually or automatically, allows you to use your appliance with the window open (depending on the configuration of your installation). Air circulation in the appliance to avoid dirt on the window.
Convenient access for cleaning the glass: sliding glass opening to the front for easy access.