M Design Luna 550 V Diamond

  • Power 5-12 kw
  • Efficiency 80%
  • Weight 230 kg
  • Visible dimensions H882 x W479 mm
  • Duct Ø 250 mm
  • Bushels 200/200

A fireplace that adapt itself to your home

  • FuelWood
  • ManufacturerM DESIGN
Luna Diamond 550V Diamond vertical wood burning fireplace from M-Design. This fireplace has a glass, 8mm thick finishing frame and a choice of steel or cast iron interior.

To ensure the longevity of your M-design fireplace, Best Fires recommends these appliances with either a steel or cast iron interior. This bottom can easily be changed according to your desires.

  • STEEL INTERIOR: Large metal plates designed in matte black steel.
  • CAST IRON interior: Reversible cast iron plates with large or small grooves

Air circulation inside the unit to prevent the glass from getting dirty.
Practical access for cleaning the glass: 45° opening or sliding glass (depending on the model)