Hase Zafra Gaz

  • Height 150 cm
  • Width 43,5 cm
  • Depth 43,5 cm
  • Power 3-5 kW

The 3-sided flame vision!

  • FuelGaz
  • ManufacturerHase
The firebox of the Zafra gas stove is glazed on three sides. This way, you can enjoy the spectacle of the fire wherever you are in your living room. A true luxury.

Timeless and always modern - this is what distinguishes the design of the gas stoves developed by HASE. The design is the key point, right down to the smallest detail. Handcrafted in a stove factory made in Germany.

The firebox of the HASE Zafra gas stove is glazed on three sides.

So you can enjoy the fire from anywhere in your living room. A real luxury. Just like the intuitive operation that makes the fire so comfortable. To match the design of your gas stove to your interior decoration, Zafra is available in handmade ceramic (available in different colors) or soapstone.

Zafra is also available with a heat storage block

  • 3-sided glazed firebox
  • Ceramic or soapstone cladding
  • Handmade ceramic back wall of the stove
  • Ceramic logs for a natural fire
  • Available with heat storage block for long-lasting heat
  • Simple and user-friendly fire control with remote control
  • Automatic temperature control, 24-hour and 7-day programming
  • Independent of the ambient air