Harrie Leenders Stor

  • Width 640mm
  • Height 1035mm
  • Depth 529mm
  • Weight 210kg
  • Rotating 360°
  • Power of use 3/10 kW
  • Efficiency >80%

A handle made of olive wood

  • FuelWood
  • ManufacturerHarrie Leenders
The shape of the Stor, its rounded back with riveted slats and its material, thick steel, alludes to the engineering art of the 19th century.
The language of an authentic stove, revisited in a modern way.

Stor can be extended with a Plus heat accumulator.
With a Plus heat accumulator you can enjoy the heat of your fire longer. The ceramic-concrete parts accumulate the heat of the fire and release it gradually into your room. Even hours after the last filling.