Harrie Leenders Lobbe compact

  • Width 422 mm
  • Total suspended height 950 mm
  • Depth 360 mm
  • Weight 108kg
  • Power consumption 1.5/8 kW
  • Efficiency >80%

Even more compact than the Lobbe

  • FuelWood
  • ManufacturerHarrie Leenders
The Lobbe Compact is a real little stove. Just a little lighter and more spacious. It is ideal for a modestly sized room and offers the right amount of heat. The Lobbe Compact also burns perfectly with very little wood.

Its side ceramics provide a unique heating: the Lobbe spreads a pleasant soft heat over the length. Once at the right temperature, the Lobbe compact is still at 40° 6H after the last combustion: a real feat for the most compact appliance of the range. This model is ideal for small spaces from 10/15m2