Beefire - Swing

  • Size Ø320mm H985mm
  • Weight 50Kg
  • Standard color black / anthracite / grey
  • Minimum surface of the room 25m² (or 60m3)
  • Power 1.2 to 3 kw/h
  • Consumption 0.2L/H - 0.4L/H
  • Autonomy 4 - 8H
  • Bio-Ethanol refill Easy to use thanks to the drawer system
  • Combustion chamber Beefire "Vario" (TÜV certified)

Poêle Bioéthanol pour une flamme décorative sans fumée

  • FuelBio éthanol
  • ManufacturerBeefire
Les poêles décoratifs Beefire ne sont pas des dispositifs de chauffage

Bioethanol does not provide efficient heating. Despite this, during the combustion process, our smokeless models give off about 1.2 to 3.0 kW of heat, which is largely retained in the room, as there is no heat loss through a chimney.

Assuming an average building insulation, the residual heat of our smokeless fire heats a space of about 25-30 m², but our smokeless fireplaces require sufficient ventilation: for this reason, good ventilation must be maintained.