The Flame - Effect Fire - Endless Fire Box Top

  • Type of installation Free
  • Burner only to integrate
  • Lighting Remote control
  • Dimensions From L130cm
  • Configuration To be customized

An electric fireplace that does not heat up for an enchanting flame all year round: the adaptable model

  • FuelElectric
  • ManufacturerThe Flame
A set of special lamps and an ultrasonic vaporizer give you an unparalleled realistic flame effect. Adjustable intensity by remote control.

Ideal for any type of construction, this demineralized water mist flame effect "THE FLAME" is made possible by an ultrasonic probe that bursts the water molecules and a halogen light strip.

"ENDLESS FIRE BOX" offers the most beautiful, realistic and noble flames in our program. A group of voluminous flames in continuous movement with a beautiful play of colors. Only electricity and bio-fluids (distilled water) combined with special lamps and ultrasonic foggers make this fire box. The intensity of the flame is adjustable and a comfort remote control ensures easy handling without heating effect.