Rika Livo

  • Height 1020mm
  • Depth 513mm
  • Width 482mm
  • Weight 120 Kg
  • Nominal thermal capacity 6 kW
  • Body out of steel

Le poêle le plus compact de sa catégorie

  • FuelPellets
  • ManufacturerRika
Pellet tank visually delimited.
Touch screen.
Connection of the smoke outlet pipe possible on the top of the stove.

The LIVO pellet stove has a special feature: the 20 kg pellet container stands out visually from the stove body so that the stove can be integrated more elegantly into your home. In addition to its elegant appearance, the air-independent pellet stove with an output range of 2.5 to 6.0 kW is also technically impressive. A touch screen ensures easy operation. As an option, a flue gas outlet can be connected to the top of the stove.
Visually delimited pellet storage tank, Touchscreen, Connection of the flue pipe on top of the stove is possible.