Ignitial Paris - Insert Bio éthanol électronique EGNIS 1450

  • Size 1621 x 556 x 320mm
  • Burner French electronic burner EGNIS 1450
  • Power 6 to 9 kw/h
  • Autonomy 8 to 12 hours
  • Capacity 13,2 L
  • Weight 68,8 kg
  • Minimum surface of the room 70m²

Thanks to the electronic ignition, enjoying your fire becomes even easier.

  • FuelBio éthanol
  • ManufacturerIgnitial Paris
This large fireplace of one meter fifty offers a flame all in length for the large design or contemporary interiors. To be embedded, this ethanol fireplace will easily fit into all your designs. Electronic ignition for easy use
  • Control interface hidden under a trap door
  • Ethanol level indicator
  • Can be managed via remote control
  • Regulation of the flame length
  • Safety sensor (level, overflow, leaks...)
  • Standard color : matte black
  • Borofloat flame screen with stainless steel pins provided
  • CO2 detector
  • Installation handles supplied
  • External pump for filling supplied