Rizzoli Série ZVI

  • Height 850 mm
  • Width 900 mm
  • Depth 600 mm
  • Oven dimensions (WxHxD) 350x260x430 mm
  • Weight 205 kg
  • Efficiency 83.3%
  • Power 10.2 kW

The wood-fired cooker for everyone.

  • FuelWood
  • ManufacturerRizzoli
Many people appreciate the essential character of the ZVI series, a wood-fired cooker whose price-quality ratio is its main asset. Available in two sizes, the ZVI series contains all the technologies required for efficient and functional cooking: the high-performance steel radiant hob, the double flue circuit, the Superflame combustion system, the external air intake, the insulated handles, the fire door with self-cleaning ceramic glass, etc.

The ZVI series of wood-fired cookers is sleek and easy to use. Both models are equipped with an oven complete with light, thermometer, grill and drip tray. The ZVI series has all the features of a Rizzoli: the performance of its modern combustion chamber, the reliability and durability of its top quality materials (high performance steel for the radiant plate, certified refractory bricks and linings for the firebox and flue gas circuit), and the ability to be installed between furniture and connected to an external air supply. Configure your wood cooker and discover the many customizations and aesthetic choices.