Rizzoli Série M

  • Height 851 mm
  • Width 600/800 mm
  • Depth 650 mm
  • Weight 200 kg
  • Efficiency 87.1%
  • Power 8.4 kW

A theatre with only one actor: fire.

  • FuelWood
  • ManufacturerRizzoli
This series is characterised by a panoramic combustion chamber with a very large capacity and a generous oven volume. The spectacle of fire in all its splendour. The series is suitable for both built-in and free-standing installation.

The M series offers, from the very first glance, an exceptionally modern and meticulous design, with technical features that immediately make it a winner: a very wide view of the fire, a panoramic maxi oven, very high quality material features and easy installation.
The quantity of refractory material used in the combustion chamber and in the double flue path ensures heat accumulation during combustion and a constant and gradual delivery, even with an extended range. Configure your wood-fired cooker and discover the numerous customisations and aesthetic variants. (size, colour, material, type of hob)