Ofyr Classic Storage Noir 100

  • SKU OCSB-100
  • Cooking surface 0.55 m² 
  • Dimensions 100x100x103 cm 
  • Material Black coated steel 
  • Total weight 177kg 
  • Weight plate 55kg 
  • Diameter plate 100 cm 
  • Dimensions base 50x50x73 cm 
  • Storage capacity 0.12 m³

All the style and simplicity of OFYR, with the added convenience of a built-in wood storage.

Available in 85 cm or 100 cm diameter. The OFYR Classic Storage is the perfect addition to your garden.


* Storage models are ideal for storing wood.
* They are slightly heavier than the Classic line.
* Despite a high-quality coating, the inside of the black-coated models is prone to scratches: wood should be stacked with care.
* The black-coated models require more maintenance. Use of a cover is recommended.