Hase Asmara

  • Height 156 cm 
  • Width 41 cm 
  • Depth 44 cm 
  • Power 6kW
  • Performance 82%
  • CO 0.06%
  • Dust 23 mg/Nm3 
  • Green flames 7 stars 
  • Performance index (PI) 0,34 
  • Compatible RT2012

A vision of the flame in 3 sides

  • FuelWood
  • ManufacturerHase
With this wood stove, the grand life is yours. Because it's you who decide the ideal layout for your living room. You can set it up directly on the website HASE
As your convinience, you can also provide your Asmara of an sccumulator block.

Straight lines. Harmonious proportions. It's the own definition of our wood stove Asmara from HASE. His three sides panoramic foyer offers you the fire performance on three sides. Moreover, his foyer is designed so that the wood loading becomes of true pleasure. 

Asmara's ceramic, hand-made, dried several hours et worked on with care. In our factory, we preserve each day to this arts and crafts. The spaciality of this wood stove is to be made with a foyer of three sides. Asmara, it's fire in his most beautiful piece, handcraftedinto the tiniest details, with his finition in soapstone. 

Asmara enrishes your living quaters. For a pleasure to see. And to feel.